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  1. How to change a brake on a Nitro Walker Rollator

    There are two methods for changing a brake on a Nitro rollator. The first method requires a 4mm Allen wrench, a Phillips screw driver, duct or electrical tape and 5’ of cord.  The second method requires a 4mm Allen wrench, a Phillips screw driver and a long needle nose pliers. Method 1 Remove the crimp fitting at the end of the...
  2. Medline Combination Transport Chair Rollator Video

      You can view the detail page for more information about Medline's Combination Transport Rollator.
  3. Trusted Products that Help you Live Independently

    “Getting old isn’t for wimps.” Aging is tough, as my grandmother’s saying reminds us; though the AARP has said life expectancy for American men and women have increased by 16 and 19 years, respectively. If your indomitable seniors are bent on remaining independent, here are some handy items to help them feel confident and comfortable in their own homes. Grab Bars...
  4. How to Avoid Falls at Home

    To find these products that will help prevent falls, please visit our Bathroom Safety products  How to Avoid Falls in Home Top 3 Problem Areas Bathrooms The bathtub, shower and toilet are the #1 place in your home that a fall can happen. Water, rugs and towels can make the bathroom hazardous to get around and make a fall more...
  5. Cheat Sheet: How To Choose the Perfect Exam Gloves

    For medical professionals working in home health and hospice care, medical exam gloves are a way of life. But which gloves? There are a huge variety on the market today. Nitrile, latex, or vinyl? With powder or powder free? How do allergies fit into the equation? No matter your preferences, HME Medical has you covered -- literally! Strong and Reliable...

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