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  1. The Nitro Walker by Drive Medical - Simply The Best!

  2. How to Assemble and Use the Bellavita Bath Lift by Drive Medical

    Below is a video followed by a step by step guide to put together your new Bellavita Bath Lift 1. Verify that all the parts are present. 2. Before first use the battery has to be charged.  The battery is located in the hand control.  Plug the charge into the hand control.  Make sure the plug is in all the...
  3. Should I Use Medicare When Purchasing HME Products?

    Navigating Medicare Navigating the ins and outs of insurance to obtain medical products can seem daunting. At HME Medical, we do not want you to feel confused or intimidated by these proceedings. Look over this infographic and let’s get rolling! Medicare of HME? When deciding how to procure the medical products you need, you have choices. If you opt for...
  4. How to change a brake on a Nitro Walker Rollator

    There are two methods for changing a brake on a Nitro rollator. The first method requires a 4mm Allen wrench, a Phillips screw driver, duct or electrical tape and 5’ of cord.  The second method requires a 4mm Allen wrench, a Phillips screw driver and a long needle nose pliers. Method 1 Remove the crimp fitting at the end of the...
  5. Medline Combination Transport Chair Rollator Video

      You can view the detail page for more information about Medline's Combination Transport Rollator.

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