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  1. Medicare Reimbursement and Me: A Guide to Filing for Reimbursement

    How do I know when to file a claim? When a provider, such as a medical supply company, does not accept a Medicare assignment you will need to begin the process to file a claim for reimbursement. How do I know what will be reimbursed? All claim reimbursement is governed by the set standard Medicare reimbursement rates, even if your...
  2. How to Assemble the Drive Scout Power Scooter

    Assembling the Scout Power Scooter is a very simple task. It's just as easy to Disassemble for travel or storage. Watch the Video below while a certified Drive Medical technician breaks down the steps for you!
  3. How to Test a Power Wheelchair or Scooter Motor

    A)  Set your test meter to the lowest OHMS scale. Verify that the brake is engaged.  Insert the test leads into the top two terminals in the plug. You should be reading the resistance of the brake. It will be between 50 and 85 Ohms. B) Insert the test leads into the bottom terminals. You will be reading the armature...
  4. Fixing Common Problems with Power Hospital Beds

    The Flowchart Below is a Helpful Way to Diagnose Common Issues with Power Hospital Beds.  HME Medical Shop Does offer a full line of Hospital Bed Parts for any that need replacement! Hospital Bed Problem Flow Chart
  5. Installing Loop Brakes on Drive Medical Walker Rollators

    This Post outlines how to install replacement walker and rollator brakes for Drive Medical Rollators. You Will Need: Phillips Head Screw Driver, An Allen Wrench, and any type of Plyer. The old loop brake has to be removed before installing the new one. If both loop brakes have to be replaced, do one at a time. By doing one at...

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