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  1. Mobility Battery Replacement - What You Need To Know

    Replacing your Power Mobility Batteries is a great way to breathe new life and the extend the range of your Mobility Scooter or Chair.   If you are buying a new battery you will need to follow the steps below (and any in your owners manual) to help find the right one for your mobility scooter or chair.  You can...
  2. Is it Harder for Millennials to Save for Retirement than it was for Baby-Boomers?

    A recent article by Alessandra Malito shows that Millennials are running behind on saving for retirement. Not everyone is saving for retirement, they are either living paycheck to paycheck or have no job at all. Many others are not taking advantage of IRAs or other retirement savings accounts. So, this made us ask the question, is it harder for Millennials...
  3. CareCredit: A Quick and Easy Guide to Quick and Easy Financing Medical Equipment

        What is CareCredit? CareCredit is a dedicated credit card for health and beauty expenses* Convenient monthly payments* Quick and easy application process Flexible terms Can use for entire family* Immediate Access* (some limitations may apply) *Subject to credit approval. No application fees, or annual fees mean that you can focus on what is important: your healthcare. (Because there...
  4. Medicare Reimbursement and Me: A Guide to Filing for Reimbursement

    How do I know when to file a claim? When a provider, such as a medical supply company, does not accept a Medicare assignment you will need to begin the process to file a claim for reimbursement. How do I know what will be reimbursed? All claim reimbursement is governed by the set standard Medicare reimbursement rates, even if your...
  5. How to Assemble the Drive Scout Power Scooter

    Assembling the Scout Power Scooter is a very simple task. It's just as easy to Disassemble for travel or storage. Watch the Video below while a certified Drive Medical technician breaks down the steps for you!

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