Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters - Which One is Right For You?

Mobility Scooters are a great way to get around when walking or a manual mobility device does not provide enough comfort or support.  They can extend your mobility range by up to 15 miles, making a full day out with your family and friends a snap.  But which one is right for you?  There are a few things to consider.  At HME Medical Shop we focus on the Who, What, How, Where, and Why.  In other words, Who will use it, What and How will it be utilized, Where will it be Used and Why is it needed.

Who Is Using The Scooter?  For Scooters, the weight of the user is the most important.  If the user is over 300lbs a heavy duty scooter will be needed.  

What & How Will It Be Utilized?  If your Scooter will be used on vacation or loaded into a car, truck, or SUV you will want a smaller scooter for travel or even a foldable scooter.  Keep in mind the distance you will be traveling in it each day.  If you want to be able to roll through a nation park, you will definitely want a scooter with more than a 12 AH battery.

Where Will The Scooter Be Used?  If the item be primarily used indoors you will want to pay attention to the scooter's turning radius.  The tight corners in a home or facility will be key to the scooters usability.  Is the item will be used outdoors turning radius isn't much of an issue, though you will want to make sure the tires are more than 6" wide for a smoother ride.

Why Is It Needed? Is the Scooter going to be a major part of your or the users ability to get around?  In other words, if the scooter is needed for virtually all mobility you will want a four wheel scooter with a comfortable seat and a long range.  Something like this scooter is what you will want to look for.  If the item is going to just supplement for mobility needs, then a something as simple as a recreational scooter may be a good fit.

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