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  1. 790 Knee Walker Brake Replacement and Installation

    790 Knee Walker Brake Replacement and Installation
    Clip the end cover of the cable cover off the cable by the brake. Loosen the cable stop and remove. Remove the boot and spring. Pull the brake cable through the 2 cable guides under the frame of the 790 knee walker. Remove the cable from the tiller cable clip. Pull the outer cable cover back a few inches. Turn...
  2. How to Install a Wheelchair's Rear Wheel

    Learn how to replace the rear wheel on a wheelchair 1. Remove the hub caps from the rear wheel. 2. Remove the rear axle nuts from the rear wheel. 3. Turn the chair on its front side. 4. Remove one of the rear wheel by removing the rear axle. 5. Install the axles into one of the new rear wheels...
  3. How To Fix a Bellavita Hand Control

    Troubleshooting a Bellavita Hand Control and Battery Can Be a Challenge, the Guide below can walk you through.  You can view, or if you need to replace the hand control on the this link to a Bellavita Hand Control
  4. How to Change Rear Wheel on Nitro Walker Rollator

    There are five easy steps to replace the rear wheel on a Nitro Walker Rollator by Drive Medical.  Lock the wheel in place Remove the Hub Cap with a Flat End Screw driver or similar tool   Use a Socket Wrench (13MM) to remove the Lock-nut from the frame and axle. Release the brake and slide the wheel off. Repeat...
  5. Mobility Battery Replacement - What You Need To Know

    Replacing your Power Mobility Batteries is a great way to breathe new life and the extend the range of your Mobility Scooter or Chair.   If you are buying a new battery you will need to follow the steps below (and any in your owners manual) to help find the right one for your mobility scooter or chair.  You can...
  6. CareCredit: A Quick and Easy Guide to Quick and Easy Financing Medical Equipment

        What is CareCredit? CareCredit is a dedicated credit card for health and beauty expenses* Convenient monthly payments* Quick and easy application process Flexible terms Can use for entire family* Immediate Access* (some limitations may apply) *Subject to credit approval. No application fees, or annual fees mean that you can focus on what is important: your healthcare. (Because there...
  7. How to Assemble the Drive Scout Power Scooter

    Assembling the Scout Power Scooter is a very simple task. It's just as easy to Disassemble for travel or storage. Watch the Video below while a certified Drive Medical technician breaks down the steps for you!
  8. How to Test a Power Scooter or Electric Wheelchair Motor

    Use the two step guide below to Test your mobility scooter motor or electric wheelchair motor. Set your test meter to the lowest OHMS scale. Verify that the brake is engaged.  Insert the test leads into the top two terminals in the plug. You should be reading the resistance of the brake. It will be between 50 and 85 Ohms...
  9. Fixing Common Problems with Power Hospital Beds

    Fixing Common Problems with Power Hospital Beds
    The Flowchart Below is a Helpful Way to Diagnose Common Issues with Power Hospital Beds. Use the two paths below to diagnose the problem with the hospital bed.  First, verify what is and isn't working.  If nothing is working, start with the first flow chart path.  If the motor isn't working properly, use the second path. HME Medical Shop does...
  10. Installing Loop Brakes on Drive Medical Walker Rollators

    This Post Outlines The Steps To Install a Replacement walker and rollator brakes for Drive Medical Rollators.  Use the Steps Below and the Handy Visual Guide Below to Replace Your Brakes.   The old loop brake has to be removed before installing the new one. If both loop brakes have to be replaced, do one at a time. By doing...

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