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Fixing Common Problems with Power Hospital Beds

The Flowchart Below is a Helpful Way to Diagnose Common Issues with Power Hospital Beds. HME Medical Shop Does offer a full line of Hospital Bed Parts for any that need replacement!

Common Hospital Bed Issues Hospital Bed Problem Flow Chart

One thought on “Fixing Common Problems with Power Hospital Beds”

  • Tom

    I have a (Drive) Delta 1000 Ultra Light Plus, Full Electric Low Bed. It worked fine the first couple of weeks. While raising the head, I heard a "snap"--the plastic casing holding the motors broke--it was the "head" motor end of the casing. I did an epoxy fix and reinstalled the unit. It worked fine--raising and lowering the head portion--and then I put on the mattress and got my 120 pound wife in the flat bed. I pushed the button on the remote to raise the head and a heard another loud snap--the repair had snapped--the plastic motor housing broke just like before.
    I can't detect anything wrong with the bed parts, but something is obviously wrong. Instead of lifting the head section, the pressure from the motor seems to be exerting itself on the plastic housing instead. I need advise--is this a common problem?

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