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  1. 790 Knee Walker Brake Replacement and Installation

    790 Knee Walker Brake Replacement and Installation
    Clip the end cover of the cable cover off the cable by the brake. Loosen the cable stop and remove. Remove the boot and spring. Pull the brake cable through the 2 cable guides under the frame of the 790 knee walker. Remove the cable from the tiller cable clip. Pull the outer cable cover back a few inches. Turn...
  2. Installing Loop Brakes on Drive Medical Walker Rollators

    This Post Outlines The Steps To Install a Replacement walker and rollator brakes for Drive Medical Rollators.  Use the Steps Below and the Handy Visual Guide Below to Replace Your Brakes.   The old loop brake has to be removed before installing the new one. If both loop brakes have to be replaced, do one at a time. By doing...

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