How To Avoid Falls At Home

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How to Avoid Falls in Home

Top 3 Problem Areas


The bathtub, shower and toilet are the #1 place in your home that a fall can happen. Water, rugs and towels can make the bathroom hazardous to get around and make a fall more likely.

Stairs and Hallways

Missing handrails and clutter can make stairs and even hallways extremely difficult to navigate safely. Combined with poor lighting, this area of the home could be a fall waiting to happen.


As we get older, our eyes need more light to focus on the obstacles that could trip us up. Dark rooms and dark stairways can be dangerous t our balance by extension of our health.

The Danger of Falls

  • 2.5 million elderly each year are treated in ERs for fall injuries. Totaling $30 billion dollars in medical bills
  • over 700k people are hospitalized for fall injuries
  • Over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling
  • 1/5 of falls cause serious injury like broken bones or head injuries
  • Every 20 minutes an older adult dies from a fall
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older adults

Tips to Prevent Falls in Your Home

  • Keep stairs and walkways clear of debris and tripping hazards
  • Place frequently used items within reach, lessening the use of stools and reaching devices
  • Keep floors clean. Clean up grease, water and other liquids quickly
  • Make sure stairways have hand rails and are well lit
  • Make sure all living areas are well lit. Remove or tightly secure rugs to keep from slipping
  • Wear shoes inside and outside your house to give more stability