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Walking Aids

Key Points:

  • Avoid tripod or quad canes (those with three or four-point bases). People with PD tend to have trouble using these correctly. Straight Canes With Rubber Tips are Better.
  • Four-post walkers, or standard walkers, are NOT recommended for people with PD. Four-wheeled walkers offer better stability and easier
    turns. Special features such as large wheels, seats, swivel casters, and hand brakes provide the most stability.  As always, pleae consult a Physical Therapist or Doctor for a final recommendation.


To Adjust a Cane or Walker to the Proper Height

-Stand as straight as possible with your arms hanging at your sides.

-Place the cane or walker next to your arm.

-The top of the cane or walker should be as high as the bend in your wrist.

Walking Aids.

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