Electric Wheelchair

Shopping for a Power or Electric Wheelchair - What you Need to Know

HME Medical Shop Offers many makes and models of Power and Electric Wheelchairs.  We always recommend you work with your Physical Therapist or medical professional on what specific needs needs to be served by a power wheelchair.  Outside of specific diagnosis, there are a few important aspects to review before a purchase.

Insurance and Medicare Coverage

A Power or Electric Wheelchair can be covered by Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.  You can file for reimbursement if you purchase from a provider like HME Medical Shop.  be sure to have your correct paper work, this includes your prescription or doctors order, receipt of purchase and any other forms and information your insurance may need.  Medicare has a 1490S form you can fill out and mail in with your information.  We always recommend calling your insurance company to verify coverage and any paperwork needed to process your claim and send you a check!

Delivery and Assembly

The Power Wheelchair will be delivered to your home, but what other services might be needed?  Will you need outside help with the assembly or getting it into the home?  If so you may want to consider White Glove Delivery Service.  This service will deliver the item into your home and set the item up in the room of your choice.  HME Medical Shop Offers this at No Charge, simply place your order and reply to your order confirmation requesting this service.

Warranty and Service

All Power Wheelchairs include Full Warranty and Service Support.  What does this mean?  HME Medical Shop is your one call for any issues with your item.  We will handle all paperwork and communication with the manufacturer and service technicians to get your parts and/or service scheduled and/or delivered to you.  Please review your power chair's warranty information for any limitations.

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