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  • Installing Loop Brakes on Drive Medical Walker Rollators

    This Post outlines how to install replacement walker and rollator brakes for Drive Medical Rollators.

    You Will Need:

    Phillips Head Screw Driver, An Allen Wrench, and any type of Plyer.

    1. The old loop brake has to be removed before installing the new one. If both loop brakes have to be replaced, do one at a time. By doing one at a time the one not being changed can be used as a guide. See if there is an end cap on the brake cable by the wheel and Clip off the end cap and Loosen the set screw on the cable fastener to remove the fastener.
    Brake replacement Drive Medical Brake replacement Drive Medical







    2. Pull the cable through the spring and spring boot.

    Pull Brake Cable Pull Brake Cable







    3. To remove the loop brake handle, the hand grip has to be removed. You can cut it off or soak it in hot water to remove it. To Soak and Remove, first remove the handle bar from the unit by removing the height adjustment knob from the unit and lifting the handle bar out.

    Loosen Handlebar to soak brake Loosen Handlebar to Soak Brake







    4. Soak the handgrip in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. This will expand the handgrip and break any glue bond. Slide the handgrip off the handle bar.

    Soak the Brake in Hot Water Carefully Soak the Brake in Hot Water







    5. Next, to remove the old handle, locate the screw or screws that hold the loop brake handle on the handle bar and slide off.

    Unscrew the Handle Unscrew the Handle







    6. After the old one is removed, slide the new one in place and tighten, then add the hand grip.

    New Handle and Handgrip Slide on the handle and hand-grip







    7. Using the other loop brake as a guide thread the brake cable to the rear wheel. Insert the brake cable through the spring and spring boot. Then, slide the cable fastener on the end of the cable.

    New Brake Cable thread the brake cable to the rear wheel
    Cable fastener Slide the cable fastener on the end of the cable.













    8. Pull up on the brake cable and slide the cable fastener down as far down as it will go. Tighten the cable fastener with an Allen Wrench.

    Brake Cable Install Pull the cable as far as it will go and tighten the cable fastener.











    9. Almost done! To move the brake pads closer to the wheel, there are 2 options (see below). If a solid contact with the wheel cannot be achieved with both of these adjustment nuts, turn both adjustment nuts clockwise until they stop. Repeat the previous step to take up any slack in the cable. Make sure that the cable fastener is down as far as it will go.

    That's it, let us know if you have any questions!

    adjustment to the cable turning the nut counterclockwise the brake contact will move closer to the wheel.


    Brake Contact Turning this cable adjuster counterclockwise will also move the brake contact closer to the wheel


  • How to Assemble and Use the Bellavita Bath Lift by Drive Medical

    Below is a video followed by a step by step guide to put together your new Bellavita Bath Lift

    1. Verify that all the parts are present.

    2. Before first use the battery has to be charged. The battery is located in the hand control. Plug the charge into the hand control. Make sure the plug is in all the way.

    3. Plug the charger into an AC outlet.

    4. The light on the hand control will be red and turn green when finished. This will take about four hours. A charge will last up to six cycles depending on the weight of the person and condition of the battery. By charging the battery after each use the battery will be maintained at its fullest potential.

    5. Install two of the suction cups to the front underside of the unit. Press the tongues of the front suction cups into the provided recesses in the base plate.

    6. Install two of the suction cups to the rear underside of the unit. The tongues of the rear suction cups must be directed away from the unit.

    7. Two additional suction cup locations are available on the base of the unit if needed. Additional suction cups are available from your dealer.

    8. Insert the backrest of the unit into the bearing blocks of the seat

    9. Make sure the lifting rod is positioned correctly in the base as the back is tilted rearward.

    10. Tilt the back reward as far as

    11. Slide the two upper tabs of the backrest cover through the holes provided on the top of the

    12. Align one of the locking buttons on the tabs with the corresponding button receiver in the backrest and push in. Repeat for the locking button on the opposite side.

    13. Align one of the locking bottom buttons of the backrest cover with the corresponding button receiver in the backrest and push in. Repeat for the locking button on the opposite side.

    14. Slide the wings of the bottom cover over the wings of the seat. Make sure the cut out of the cover is in the same direction of the cut out of the seat.

    15. Before the locking buttons on the seat cover can be engaged the wings of the seat must be pushed forward. If they are not the locking buttons will not line up with their receiving holes.

    16. Push in the locking buttons on the seat.

    17. After the battery is fully charged disconnect the battery charger. Plug the hand control into the rear of the backrest. Make sure the plug is fully engaged.

    18. The unit is ready to be used. Turn the unit on by pushing the green button on the hand control. To bring the unit up, push the yellow button and to bring the unit down, push the blue button. Push the red button to turn off the unit. If the unit is left on for more then 30 minutes it will automatically shut off.

    19. If the back is to be removed for easy transportation the lifting rod must be fully retracted. If it is not when it is separated use the hand control to fully retract the lifting rod.

    20. When transporting the base of the unit make sure the seat locking latch is

  • Medline Combination Transport Chair Rollator Video


    You can view the detail page for more information about Medline's Combination Transport Rollator.

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