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How To Use, Fix, and Work on Our Products.
  • How to Change Rear Wheel on Nitro Walker Rollator

    There are five easy steps to replace the rear wheel on a Nitro Walker Rollator by Drive Medical.

    1. Lock the wheel in place
    2. Remove the Hub Cap with a Flat End Screw driver or similar tool
    3. Use a Socket Wrench (13MM) to remove the Lock-nut from the frame and axle.
    4. Release the brake and slide the wheel off.
    5. Repeat these steps in reverse to install the new wheel!

    See Below for an Illustration!

    Rear Nitro Wheel Replacement Rear Nitro Wheel Replacement Illustration
  • Mobility Battery Replacement - What You Need To Know

    Replacing your Power Mobility Batteries is a great way to breathe new life and the extend the range of your Mobility Scooter or Chair.

    Mobility Battery Replacement, How To


    If you are buying a new battery you will need to follow the steps below (and any in your owners manual) to help find the right one for your mobility scooter or chair. You can purchase new batteries from the scooter manufacturer, but be prepared to pay significantly more. HME Medical Shop Offers Universal Mobility Batteries along with Batteries sourced directly from the Mobility Manufactures at lower costs.You may purchase the same battery size and strength as you have been using. You can also upgrade to a longer lasting battery to extend the distance your scooter or chair can travel. That's right, you can get a new, extended range battery. The Power (Volts) will stay the same, though the increased AMPs to extend your mobility devices range. Read below for more information. . .


    3 Key Points When Replacing Your Mobility Battery

    One: Amps and Volts (ah and V) - How Strong and how Far will it Take Me?

    Most Scooters and Chairs use a 24 Volt Motor - this will require two 12 volt mobility batteries. Be sure to reference your owners manual or current batteries to verify the battery types. The existing batteries will have the voltage and amps right on the side or top of the battery cover. Just like we discussed in the previous section, you need to keep the same Voltage (V), but you can get one with higher Amps (ah). Just be mindful of the Battery's physical size.

    Two: Battery Size - Will it fit in your Scooter?

    If the numbers on the side of the battery (i.e. UB1220, UB1280, etc) match what you are purchasing, then it will fit 99% of the time. See how big your current battery is to make sure the one you are purchasing matches the old battery size. If you are upgrading be sure to measure the battery pack or case, some do not leave room for upgraded batteries. You can purchase an upgraded case by itself, usually for around $100-$150 - feel free to chat with us about finding the right case for you. Again, when in doubt, measure!

    Three: Terminal Type - Will It Fit My System?

    Without the correct terminal type, the battery will not connect to your scooter or chair correctly. The Two most common are F1 and F2 Battery Terminals. Simply put, the F1 is smaller than the F2. The F1 is 1/8" (4.75 mm) and the F2 is 1/4" (6.35 mm). The F1 is the most common for Mobility Batteries, though be sure to measure or consult your owners manual to be sure. Below is a side by side comparison. Again, if in doubt, simply measure your current batteries.

    F1 and F2 Connection terminalsCheck Out Our Great Selection at HME Medical Shop's Universal Mobility Batteries along with Batteries sourced directly from the Mobility Manufacturers.


    How To change A Battery

    We always recommend the instructions included with your item. If these are not available you can call the manufacturer for a new set or for a phone consult. Overall it is similar to changing a car battery and pretty straight forward. To disconnect, Be sure to use the right tools and always disconnect the Red (Positive) connection before disconnecting the Black (Negative). And never let the connections or wires come into contact with each other. We included an example video of a Drive Medical Scooter having it's batteries replaced, though your specific scooter or chair may differ.

  • CareCredit: A Quick and Easy Guide to Quick and Easy Financing Medical Equipment

    Care Credit Logo



    What is CareCredit?

    • CareCredit is a dedicated credit card for health and beauty expenses*
    • Convenient monthly payments*
    • Quick and easy application process
    • Flexible terms
    • Can use for entire family*
    • Immediate Access* (some limitations may apply)

    *Subject to credit approval.

    No application fees, or annual fees mean that you can focus on what is important: your healthcare. (Because there are no minimum purchase limits with CareCredit you can use it on everything from parts, to beds, scooters, and more!)

    Great financing for purchases larger than $200; 6-Month Deferred Interest Financing- If your card balance is paid off within 6-months of the purchase date you pay no interest on your purchase!

    After 6-months if the balance is not paid in full the total interest accrual (at 26.99% APR from the beginning of the finance period) will be owed in addition to the remaining balance on the card.

    Example: The Nitro DLX Euro Style Rollator qualifies for 6-month deferred interest financing; meaning for 6 payments of $41 this beauty can be yours.

    Making a purchase larger than $1000? We’ve got you covered! Choose between 24, 36, or 48 month fixed rate financing- You have the power to choose how much time you need to pay for any purchase over $1,000 with a fixed APR of 14.90%.

    Purchase over $2,500? Not a problem when you have 60 month financing with a fixed APR of 16.90%.

    The best part? CareCredit is not limited to just one place; you can use your CareCredit Financing for everything from medical supplies, doctor’s visits, emergency surgeries, even veterinary care!

    You already get this item tax-free and with free shipping; why not give yourself an even better deal this month?

    I’m ready to pay at my own pace but how do I get started?

    The application process is so easy, and all you have to do is click to apply online

    Paying My Bill

    You can choose your item on HME Medical Shop and Checkout, just choose Purchase Order during Checkout and Include Care Credit as the Purchase Order Number. Make a payment or paying off your bill is as easy as a mouse-click away with online payments at Once your item is paid for we will ship it! On the go and want to make your payment by phone? Just call ...

  • How to Assemble the Drive Scout Power Scooter

    Assembling the Scout Power Scooter is a very simple task. It's just as easy to Disassemble for travel or storage. Watch the Video below while a certified Drive Medical technician breaks down the steps for you!

  • How to Test a Power Wheelchair or Scooter Motor

    A) Set your test meter to the lowest OHMS scale. Verify that the brake is engaged. Insert the test leads into the top two terminals in the plug. You should be reading the resistance of the brake. It will be between 50 and 85 Ohms.

    testerB) Insert the test leads into the bottom terminals. You will be reading the armature resistance, which is very low, between .8 and 5 Ohms.If you get no reading at all, or a direct short (0 ohms) in either location then it is defective and the motor/brake must be replaced.

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